a brass plaque displaying the gute logo

We are a family of long-standing builders and makers

Gute was born out of a brainstorm for a space of our own. As we poured over ideas and sketches it became much more. Creating a space so versatile excited us.

It happened naturally - being a culmination of everything we did before perfected in a single mobile room.

thomas resting again a workbench in the gute shop


Born in Germany, Thomas was raised in ontario on his father's job sites. Later, Thomas trained under Art Kuebler, a German master builder. After a seven year apprenticeship, Thomas founded Constellation Homes. He built high-end custom homes in Southern Ontario for thirty years. In every home you will see his unmistakable mastery and dedication.

evan running an oak board through the planer


Evan began an apprenticeship building homes with Thomas, with a keen eye for design and a love for hand work he used his off time to design and make furniture. After a seven year apprenticeship in construction, Evan decided to devote all his time to fine woodworking.

dylan working on his computer


Dylan apprenticed with Thomas his father before studying marketing at McMaster University. There, Dylan learned to use technology as a tool for imagination, but was unable to shake the need to build things with his hands. Dylan returned to the wood shop after school, in order to start Güte with Thomas.

evan and thomas working together in the shop
evan designing a gute shepherd hut on paper

Our philosophy is in our name

Gute is a german word used to describe goodness, quality, a benefit, or an asset.

These characteristics are not inherent in any specific material or method. Quality is found in the masterful harmony between an ideal material and a well practiced method.

Pairing the thoughtful use of the wheel with timeless structural forms, we surpass each's own inherent goodness to create a space that is truly an asset.

We harness our mastery of construction along with creative and thoughtful design so that generations from now, you will still know it is Gute.


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