a gute mobile shepherd hut chassis with signature cast iron wheels


We didn't reinvent the wheel,
Just everything else

a detail of the gute logo engraved in our signature seven spoked wheel


Most of the shepherd huts we build will not need a building permit since they are under 10m2. Which means there will be no extra property taxes or fees to pay. The shepherd hut can even be rolled to into environmentally controlled locations.

the entrance of a mobile gute shepherd hut with a dog peaking out

Wheels and Axels

Our signature Gute seven spoked wheels, stub-axels, and turntable attach solidly and work flawlessly with our shepherd hut chassis. The proportions were considered for both their aesthetics and a full range of steering.

We had a local foundry cast our wheel design from ductile cast-iron. The axels and hardware were shaped and finished by local smiths in a classic and hardwearing flat black powder coat paint.

The hardwood used for our solid beam chassis was milled and dried locally. We hand plane the beams and apply a three coat low-maintenance stain and finish from Sansin. This provides strength and substance to the shepherd hut's undercarriage that will last for generations.

a gute shepherd hut being moved by a tractor in a grass field


Life is never just one thing,
that is why we outfit it with fully modular handcrafted furniture