a red cedar shake shepherd hut roof in front of a forest

Off-Grid & Options

Set Apart

an axe in a log in front of the entrance to a shepherd hut

We have designed and integrated a variety of off-grid elements that blend seamlessly with our different models, floor plans, and modular furniture designs

Together these are some of the things that take you into the moment and set the shepherd hut apart. We've taken great care in designing a shepherd hut that is incredibly easygoing and useful while still preserving its very important independence from ordinary.

a brass plated switch for the shepherd hut's plugs

Composting toilet

a brass plated switch for the shepherd hut's plugs

Velcro peel away screens

We designed and integrated two different easy screen system for our unique push-out style windows. Its your choice what system you'd like us to use in your shepherd hut. The velcro screen can be removed when you are not using it and does the better job keeping the bugs out.

a brass plated switch for the shepherd hut's plugs

Magnetic catch roll down screens

The magnetic screens are easy to use and do not detract any beauty from our solid wood windows.

one of three plugs in a gute shepherd hut

Every shepherd hut comes standard with a complete plug-in / battery ready 120 volt electrical wiring with at least 2 outlets.

We can add extra circuits, outlets, switched plugs, and exterior lights to suit. With all the convenience of a simple battery or extension cord, our electrical wiring provides reliable light and power at the flick of the switch.

a gute brass vessel dry sink

A brass vessel dry-sink designed by us and hand forged by a local brass smith

installed as a self-contained system using a fresh water tank. The look and feel of solid hand forged brass is impossible to imitate.

a green and brass hurricane lamp hanging outside a shepherd hut

An exterior hurricane lamp paired with an all-brass interior welsh miners lamp

These two bright burning oil lamps will provide the backdrop for countless quiet and cozy evenings.

an ethanol fireplace built into a gute shepherd hut

A contemporary ventless ethanol fireplace

This modern fireplace provides warmth and ambience to the shepherd hut with a single spark. While its not exactly designed to be a heat source in the dead of winter, it does a great job providing warmth for the other three seasons.

an ethanol fireplace built into a gute shepherd hut

A low profile electric heater

A solar power system c/w panel, inverter, and battery bank

We can help you select and install a solar system a range of solar power systems from smaller all in one packages to a more robust integrated system whether you just want to give your laptop battery a break or fire up a microwave and a coffee maker.

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