a modular shepherd hut interior with a gute desk, butler's cupboard, sink, and stove

Custom Unique Permanent Structure

All of our Shepherd hut models comes built on a steel chassis with cast iron wheels. We do this because it turns the space into very beautiful and unique structure that is both aesthetically unique as well as superior in many ways. But in certain cases you may find that building a structure without wheels makes more sense for you. whether you just don't like the wheels, or there is no way of rolling a finished hut where you'd like to see it; We can prefabricate any of our models in our shop and assemble it onsite without the chassis.

Floorplan Sizes

When building our models without the chassis/wheels we will usually use the same floor plan dimension in order to stay under the legal size for accessory buildings:
108 sq ft in Canada
200 sq ft in the US
If you are hoping to exceed this size you will need to take out a building permit for the structure and have it approved.

Architectural Details

Any of the architectural details that are found on our other models can be incorporated into a permanent build. Like our other models we design to suit your exact needs and tastes. We can use a wide variety of interior, exterior, floor, ceiling and roof materials/finishings, window configurations, and door styles.

Modular Furnishings

We can build tailored modular furniture pieces to outfit any permanent structure project we take on.


We will help you find the perfect combination of handcrafted modular furniture designs