evan handcrafting a solid oak gute shepherd hut door



It is perfect for remote and scenic locations because It will not leave a muddy mess in its wake. It can also be set in hard-to-build locations like islands or cottages, even in areas where no traditional building is allowed by envrionmental regulations.

the tracks in the grass left by the gute shepherd hut wheels


When it is finished in our shop, the shepherd hut comes to you turn-key, ready to roll wherever you imagine it to be. Without any of the stress that usually accompanies construction projects.

a gute shepherd hut being moved by a tractor


There are no unknown costs overruns and delays. You will receive no sudden dreaded phones calls. You will not have to schedule your life around a contractor, and you will not have budget for landscape cleanup afterwards.

It doesn't take long. In most cases we can build a fully furnished shepherd hut in one month, and it will arrive exactly how you imagined it.

a stanley handplane in the gute shop

thomas edging a board of oak for the gute window
a collection of hand tools in the gute shop

Hand Crafted

We design and build each shepherd hut right here in our shop. Which means that we can hand pick our hardwood boards and run them through our own machines. Each element of our shepherd hut is finished with our hands. We know our work and stand behind it. Every Gute Shepherd hut is built with the same care and dedication. You don't have to guess at the end result.

Gute's philosophy is that quality lives in the masterful combination of design, materials, and methods. It is why every detail begins at the drafting table and is finished by our hands.

a notepad with a handwritten cut list for the gute window
thomas taking notes on window dimensions
an oak window resting on a stack of milled oak wood

Efficient & Sustainable

We design and build each shepherd hut right here in our shop. Which means that we don't waste time or materials working around unknowns. Our process is carefully controlled and practiced, letting us use both our materials and our time to their fullest potential. This all means that we keep your costs lower, and get the shepherd hut to you quicker.

We take great care in creating an heirloom that will be handed down. We choose all of our materials carefully and thoughtfully for their inherent durability and minimal environmental impact. It is why we use solid woods, reclaimed woods, and water-based finishes.

evan using a caliper to measure an oak board's thickness
evan running an oak board through the shaper

a stack of milled cedar for a gute shepherd hut window


We build every Shepherd Hut inside a shop outfitted with modern super-accurate tools. We focus on perfecting every detail, so that everything comes together just right.

a gute logo plaque resting against a handplane on the workbench


As a family, we like to keep our partnerships close to home. Thats why we get help from local foundries, smiths, saw-mills, and craftsmen all within 100 km of our shop in Maxwell, Ontario.

a gute shepherd hut in front of pine trees with a window open


Have a look at our models, floor plan sizes, aesthetic color and stain choices, and architectural elements