an open oak shepherd hut window against tree foliage


Spring Sale!

Save An Extra

on shepherd huts ordered in spring 2016!

Every shepherd hut is entirely unique, built from the wheels up for you.
We quote every shepherd hut individually so that we build the exact shepherd hut you imagine.

Prices for our models start at:

12' Sauble -

12' Classic -


16' Tobermory -


17' Collingwood -


2016 Summer Sale!

a blue classic shepherd hut in a backyard with a couple sitting next to it

The process behind your shepherd hut is simple and collaborative

Share Ideas

We will sit down together and talk over the fundamentals. Simply sharing what you imagine yourself doing with a shepherd hut goes a long way towards figuring out what it will look like in the end.

talk with us

Essential Planning

Then we will talk about some of the more essential decisions. You will settle on a floor plan size and the furniture you want to fill it with. We will draw up some sketches and send them over so that you can play around with them too. Then you decide how far off/on grid your shepherd will be. This step ends in some detailed plans.

models furniture options & off-grid

Aesthetic Details

Next, we will work through all the aesthetic and colour choices. This is easy because the shepherd hut always looks great. When we are all done, we will give you a quote to look over and you will give us the go ahead to start building.

collingwood classic tobermory


We will start from scratch to build your shepherd hut and finish it off with our own brass plaque. It doesn't take long once we get going, a fully furnished hut will usually take one month to build.


Finally, the shepherd hut is wheeled onto our trailer and brought to you. We leave you with all the practical knowledge and necessities to ensure its longevity.


dylan writing a quote in the gute shop

Ask us for a quote

This will send us a quick email and we will get back to you.
We will begin the conversation by simply talking about what you see yourself doing in a shepherd hut.

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As we work hard to continually improve the Gute shepherd hut, we reserve the ability to make changes to any details, designs, and elements seen here in our website.