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12' at

Wired with 2 outlets and exterior plug in

Fully insulated floor, walls, ceiling, and thermal paned windows
Solid pine steps, door, and 3 single opening windows
Vicwest tradition 100 steel roofing
Solid Pine Board interior
Cast iron wheels, powder coated steel chassis and tow bar

Floor Plans

Every Gute shepherd hut is 7.5' wide. We recommend a 12' or 14' floor plan, though we can make this shepherd hut as long as you'd like. While there is plenty of room for the furnishings that will make this hut perfect for you, we do not build any of our hardwood furniture options in this hut. This hut offers the sauble qualities of any shepherd hut at the lowest cost for those who want to put the finishing touches on themselves.

an unfinished pine interior in a gute shepehrd hut

Unfinished Pine

The Sauble Shepherd Hut is built with raw unfinished pine. Rugged and beautiful in its own right, pine is a wonderfully forgiving interior with a huge amount of finishing potential. It can be finished in a wide range of styles from a fully painted or stained interior to a worn white wash or distressed finish. Leave it natural and it will weather to the perfect silver grey of a quintsauble Canadian cabin. We are happy to provide advice to help you achieve the exact finish you'd like.

an unfinished pine siding on an sauble gute shepherd hut

Exterior Shell

The shepherd hut's walls are fully insulated with stiff board insulation and wrapped in a complete air and moisture barrier. We clad the exterior walls with 1" thick pine boards in random widths. Every board is ship lapped in different widths to create a more modern profile for this shepherd hut. We build and weatherproof this hut the exact same way we build our other huts, only the finishings are absent.

Prestige steel roofing on a curved shepherd hut roof

Roof Cladding

We build the shepherd hut's roof on our own glue laminated curved rafters beams. The roof structure is then fully insulated and waterproofed. Both of our roof cladding options will keep the weather out for a lifetime.

western red cedar shakes

Western Red Cedar Shakes

Natural western red cedar shakes give the shepherd hut a timelessness that is both refined and rugged at the same time. These shingles will turn a splendid silver grey over their very long lifetime. Underneath the shingles we have installed both a breather layer and the best ice and water shield to shed water and prevent mold or decay.

prestige steel roofing

Machine Painted Steel

A steel roof gives the shepherd hut a traditional sturdy charm. It is reliable, durable, and maintenance free with a natural ability regulate heat throughout the year. We can install it in a wide variety of colors and top it off with a 40 year warranty on the finish.

unfinished pine panelling inside an sauble gute shepehrd hut

Interior Cladding

Solid pine boards with a traditional v-match joint give this hut an authentic Canadian cabin feel.

a handcrafted unfinished pine double window in a gute shepherd hut


Thermal pane glass is set into unfinished pine frames and sashes. Every board is hand picked, machined, and handcrafted by us. We use traditional cast-iron window stays for a wonderfully tactile feel. Each window has a a built in fixed screen so you will never have to worry about bugs. You may choose to stain and clearcoat the frames and sashes or leave the windows to weather and grey naturally.

the exterior side of a handcrafted solid unfinished pine door


Solid pine boards are ship-lapped to make the door, frame, and sill. This gives the shepherd hut an understated and comfortable entrance. The simple round knob allows you to lock your shepherd hut up while you're away. You may choose to paint, stain, or clearcoat the door and frame or leave it to weather and grey naturally.

the steps and brass plaque on the entrance to an sauble gute shepherd hut

Steps and Plaque

Since first impressions are always the most important, we build our steps from pressure treated spruce and join them using tenons and fasteners. You may finish these steps with paint, stain, or clearcoat or leave them to weather and grey naturally.

For our final touch we mount a solid brass plaque on each Gute shepherd hut. We worked with a local brass smith to create and cast this symbol of the care and enthusiasm we put into each shepherd hut.

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