a gute solid oak window opened to let in some fresh air



The Gute shepherd hut is luxury found in simplicity, in going back to the essentials. It kindles your imagination and gives you room to invest yourself.

It is there when you need to get away, still keeping you close to everything that matters.

The perfect Ontario Bunkie, by Gute Shepherd Huts

The perfect ontario bunkie

A uniquely Canadian word for one of the best part of any cottage. For sharing the best days of summer with friends and family.

The Bunkie

a gute shepherd hut with a chair and dog resting out front

For ending a long day, &
spending a long day

The shepherd hut is your quiet garden refuge or a wild backwoods retreat. For a pot of tea and a good read. For starting a fire and listening to nature. For watching a thunderstorm, or catching a meteor shower.

a lit welsh miner's lamp sitting beside a Jane Austen Novel

For lighting a lamp and catching up with those you love.

a shepherd hut interior used as a playroom with lego and toys

The kids playhouse

a pair of birkenstocks in front of an open shepherd hut door

The teenager's hangout

a gute oak window from the inside with rain drops

For rainy days

a shepherd hut interior as a guest room

And friends from out of town

a gute modular oak desk being used as a home office

Your close to home office

a tilly hat hanging on the shepherd hut wall

or an excuse to leave it

an axe in a log outside of a gute shepherd hut

The Canadian's bunkie

a gute oak double window open, looking out to a forest

A backwoods retreat

the top half of a gute dutch style door open to let fresh air in

for leaving the door open

a gute oak shelf with books and a fan

Your backyard cottage

a brightly lit shepherd hut interior with an oak desk and an open window

Your summer home

an open journal on the desk beside a double bed

For slowing down

a carving knife on a gute modular oak desk

and starting something new

a gute shepherd hut interior being used as a sewing room

For sewing a new family heirloom

a wool blanket resting on a gute modular sofa

or just nestling into one

A place kept separate
for finding the time to do
whatever it is you do

a book resting on a gute modular sofa


Life moves fast,
that is why we build the Gute shepherd hut on wheels